Rewind your skin to its original state !
All of our products leverages years of scientific research and advanced technology. LasVe skincare regime is designed to help awakening skin’s restorative functions while strengthening the skin barrier, in order to solve various skin concerns as well as to keep free radicals and other harmful external factors at bay. The result is healthy-looking and smooth baby-soft skin.

產品經科學、科技研製,致力促進肌膚自我修復能力及強化肌 膚表面屏障功能,解決皮膚各種失衡問題,同時,阻擋外來環 境因素帶來的有害物質進入肌膚並侵害細胞,全面締造並保持 仿如嬰兒般之健康、幼嫩、細緻、無瑕肌質。

Water in skin determines skin texture and skin matrix influences facial contour. Moisture is the foundation to perfect skin. Dehydration strips skin cells of their natural barrier functions, which causes skin to become uneven and fragile, which ultimately leads to premature aging. Integrity of skin issue is a deciding factor for facial contour. Once the issue structure is damaged, skin will lose its elasticity and is more prone to gravity, causing our skin to sag. Facial contour will then turn from an ideal inverted triangular shape to an upright triangular one, with prominent wrinkles and other signs of aging.

水份決定肌質.結締組織塑立輪廓。水份是美肌第一要素,缺 水乃皮膚衰老之源,人體肌膚水份若大量流失,肌底層會出現 乾涸,細胞會失去正常運作機能,屏障功能失效,乾癟粗糙、脆 弱敏感等問題肌膚相繼而生;結締組織之完整性決定面部輪廓 ,結構一旦受到侵害,便會逐漸變軟而失去彈性及支撐力,無 力對抗地心吸力作用,從而出現鬆弛下垂,面形由「倒三角」變 為「正三角」,皺紋相對加深,皮膚呈現衰老現象。

LasVe employs high-purity Skin-Identical Hyaluronic Acid, HyaCare®, as an excellent moisturizing ingredient for various skin care applications. Its compatibility and tissue-friendliness properties allow it to bind water within the intercellular structure of the skin. It effectively boosts and retains moisture to provide a long-term hydrating effect, leaving your skin smooth and supple while restoring the skin’s natural barrier to fend off external harmful substances. Fortified with potent Skin-Matrix Reconstructor, Unichondrin ATP, which provides smoothing, firming and anti-aging actions in order to increase and regenerate firmness and elasticity of the connective tissue, we go beyond treating skin texture to additionally address facial contour. Infused with other essential formulations. LasVe’s products help turn back the clock and awaken your skin to its original state.

LasVe,傾注於安全性及純淨度都有突破的「仿生皮膚透明質 酸」,其特強親膚性能徹底被吸引及完全發揮功效,對於肌膚 所需之水份因子,能「補」亦能「鎖」,長效補水保濕之餘,速 效平滑粗糙、恢復肌膚飽滿有彈性,高效修復皮膚屏障,對抗 外來刺激;「結締組織重整」配方能幫助修復受損同時強化皮 膚支撐組織,緊實肌膚並提升肌膚彈性,幫助撫平整體皮膚紋 理,重塑立體輪廓。再融合冰封美肌所需之各種不同元素,深 深緊扣皮膚細胞的健康生命力,令肌膚在無壓感狀態下還原新 生初嫩。

Healthy looking skin does not solve all the problems under the sun, but it is one of the important secrets in a youthful and radiant appearance and confidence.

At LasVe, we devote ourselves to bringing you healthy and flawless skin. Through safe and effective skincare regimes, we are dedicated to help unleash healthy and baby-like perfect skin.

毋庸置疑,擁有健康無瑕的皮膚不能覆蓋一切,卻,它是決定 您外表年輕亮麗不可或缺的重要因素之一,它能令您對自己更 滿意。

LasVe對健康無瑕肌有著一份深厚堅持,期盼透過安全而高效 的皮膚護理產品,帶給每位注重美肌的您,能擁有仿如初生嬰 兒由內形於外之健康美肌,讓您,主宰魅力!