TONER / LASVE Mega-Defense Reviving Intense

Multi-functional intensifying essence rich in premium ingredients targets to blemished and tired skins. The toning, soothing and repairing agents promptly diminish enlarged pores, restore skin firmness and boost healthy skin radiance. Enriched with patented skin strengthening and anti-aging formulas, this intense goes beyond treating imperfections to additionally address signs of aging. It provides a better skin resistance to acute physical damages, helps smooth finelines and inhibit the enzymes that destroy skin’s collagen network to fight against premature aging.

全新科研高滲透多功能精華定型水,蘊含多種矜貴優質專利配方,特效針對瑕 疵及疲倦膚質,輕輕均勻地一噴一拍,V面重現,全面喚醒細胞力量,恢復水嫩 膚質,重塑立體輪廓。補濕、膚色調整及修復之特性,能迅速恢復皮膚水潤有彈 性、收縮粗大毛孔、改善粗糙、平滑膚質、提升緊緻度,同時幫助舒緩受刺激皮 膚,有效促進皮膚健康有亮澤。配合專利抗衰老及強韌肌膚配方,產品更能抑 制破壞皮膚膠原蛋白網絡的酶,阻止皮膚失去彈性並減少皺紋產生,改善皮膚 老化跡象;其高效對抗UV侵害及強化皮膚抵禦力之功能,能有助增強皮膚屏障 功能以對抗外來刺激,對預防皮膚光老化亦有顯著作用。

Product code : LSV1002
Mega-Defense Reviving Intense

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Reinforces the skin’s natural short-term and long-term moisturization. Improves the barrier function of the skin. Improves skin elasticity. Reduces maximum skin roughness resulting in reduced wrinkle depth.

於安全性及純淨度都有突破的「仿生皮膚透明質酸」,微細份子配合強效親膚 特性,能使其更容易被吸引及發揮功效,能增強皮膚短效和長效保濕作用,平 滑粗糙,恢復肌膚飽滿有彈性,並能幫助減淡皺紋,使皮膚柔軟光滑細膩。


Improve skin moisturization and restore skin barrier. Increase and regenerate firmness and elasticity of the connective tissue for skin restructuring, revitalizing, repairing. Delay the ageing processes and preserve youthful skin appearance.

「結締組織重整」配方,具補濕並高效修復皮膚屏障功效,幫助對抗外來刺激; 促進底層細胞代謝作用,修復受損同時強化皮膚支撐組織,緊實肌膚並提升肌 膚彈性,重塑輪廓並能有效延緩皮膚老化


Anti-wrinkle, Age-killing effect particularly effective against expression lines. Visible deep wrinkle smoothing a�er only one month. Helps your face to relax without losing the ability to express yourself.

抗皺及抗衰老之胜肽,其活性能直達皮下組織,透過控制神經肌肉收縮,維持 肌肉長時間放鬆狀態,有效改善皺紋,尤其表情紋。


A marine glycosaminoglycan that inhibits the matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) enzymes that degrade and destroy the skin’s collagen network. It leads to a natural healthy skin appearance. MDI Complex® also enhances the skin barrier function providing a better skin resistance to acute physical damage.

專利海洋萃取活性因子,高效抑制金屬基質蛋白酶 MMPS 破壞皮膚的膠原蛋 白網絡,從而阻止皮膚失去彈性並減少皺紋產生,同時,配方更能有助強化皮 膚屏障功能,對抗外來刺激。


Strengthens the natural skin photo protection, enhances skin pigmentation, reduces skin erythema and soothes sun-ravaged skin, Limits skin photoaging and premature aging.

高效對抗UV侵害並增強皮膚抵禦力,其抗炎及舒緩特性能有助降紅及舒緩受 刺激膚質,對預防皮膚光老化有顯著作用。

✓ SNAP-8™

Reduce expression wrinkles topically with an alternative mechanism to Botulinum Toxin. Maximal efficacy against expression lines, reduces wrinkle depth up to 63%.

抗皺及抗衰老之多元胜肽,有效阻止神經組織收緊肌肉,從而改善皺紋及細紋 ,實驗證明能改善皺紋深度最高達63%;配方同時能增加皮膚彈性,幫助重拾 細緻平滑膚質。

Morning and evening, spray evenly onto the thoroughly cleansed face and neck area, then gently pat till completely absorbed. Apply after cleansing and add day or nightcream afterwards to prolong the benefits.

早晚使用,徹底潔淨後,均勻地噴上面部及頸部,然後 輕拍至吸收即可。於潔面後使用,建議再塗上LasVe 精華及面霜以達更佳效果。

For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with clean water. Stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist when skin irritations occur.

產品只供外用,請勿吞食。避免產品入眼,若不慎入眼 ,請即用水徹底清洗,如有皮膚以或眼部不適,請即停 止使用,若現象持續,請立即向醫生諮詢。